Caterpillar Picnic Clipart Pack

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    This Caterpillar Picnic Clipart collection includes all the images shown in the sample picture and more. These clips are a parody of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This pack includes 32 different clips:

    * Black line masters of all clips
    * Caterpillar
    * Butterfly
    * Apple
    * Blueberry
    * Pear
    * Strawberry
    * Cake
    * Ice Cream
    * Swiss Cheese
    * Salami
    * Lollipop
    * Hotdog
    * Cherry Pie
    * Cupcake

    Graphics come in PNG format 300 dpi format.

    My graphics are suitable for printing and digital projects and can be easily re-sized smaller to suit other needs, graphics measure different sizes and can be resized.

    Original Artwork by Doodle Art
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